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Point and Cut is now CLEANCut. If you have any questions or need any support for your Point and Cut unit, please call the CLEANCut phone number listed below.

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Touch-free Paper Towel Dispensing Now Available For Home Use


Fast and Easy

The Point and Cut touchless paper towel dispenser has brought the dispensing of household-style paper towels into the new century.  Manufactured in stainless steel with the highest of precision and quality, it makes getting a paper towel automatic, fast and easy.

You will love the convenience and speed of dispensing any amount of paper towel needed without touching anything!

Simply load your favorite brand of household-style paper towel and start cleaning up your act.

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Some Notes
From Buyers


Three Easy Steps
No More Waste Or Cross Contamination

unroll paper towels

cut paper towels

remove paper towels


Just wanted to let you know that I received my Point and Cut today and I LOVE IT!  I am so glad I saw your product on "I Want That!". My husband and I will be moving into our new home at the end of the year and we first balked at the price.  We thought "How could a 'paper towel dispenser' cost so much?" Then we took a look at your website, saw how good an investment it was and then thought, "WE GOTTA HAVE IT!" Thanks again.
- Judy R./Pearl City, HI

Thank you for the fast service, great people and company to do business with.
-Carlos M. /Sun Valley, NV
We purchased our Point and Cut after having seen it on HGTV's "I Want That".  I thought it was totally awesome and my husband thought it was ridiculous.   I convinced him to have it installed in his new bar area. My husband fell in love with it. He's a real paper towel junkie.
-Connie T./New York, NY
I installed the Point and Cut close to my food prep area. Now when I am preparing any kind of raw meat, I reach to this hands free towel dispenser. I no longer get food bacteria on every handle in my kitchen. Great product, THANKS!
- Tom J./Benton Harbor, MI

The Point and Cut greatly reduces cross contamination in the kitchen.  Hands can transfer germs from contaminated raw meat, eggs and poultry to other foods or surfaces.  Each year close to 79 million people in the U.S. become ill from food-related diseases.  This results in an estimated 5000 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Poor hygiene, which usually means poorly washed hands, causes many food related illness outbreaks.  Touchless, or hands free towel dispensing reduces cross contamination during hand washing and drying, which equals safer food and a safer environment.  Users touch only the towels they need; the rest are kept clean, dry and sanitary enclosed in the dispenser.  Next time you pick up that cloth kitchen towel, think about what it may have already been used for.

I just had to tell you this.  I had to "give up" my Point and Cut for a few days when we went camping.  I found out that I am lost without it!  What I thought was going to be a luxury "gadget" has turned into a much needed appliance in my kitchen.  I am so glad I decided to purchase it.
- Emily L./Tampa, FL



What is Cross Contamination?
Cross contamination is when bacteria is spread between food, surfaces or equipment.
Hands can spread bacteria.  If you touch raw food and don't wash your hands thoroughly you can spread bacteria to other things you touch.
Touchless, or hands free towel dispensing reduces cross- contamination during handwashing and drying, which equals safer food and a safer kitchen environment.  Instead of touching the faucet with contaminated hands, dispense a paper towel hands free with the Point and Cut and use it to turn on the faucet!  And because the roll is totally enclosed in the stainless steel dispenser, the unused paper towels are always kept clean, dry and sanitary.

I saw this product on HGTV and I can't wait to receive one. Thank you for inventing such a wonderful product! Why didn't anyone think of this bright idea before?Yoko K./Los Angeles., CA
  • The Point and Cut is a unique new kitchen appliance that automatically unrolls and cuts household-style paper towels - there is nothing else like it!  It gives you a clean paper towel, cut to any length, without touching anything.
  • User determines length.  Unroll the exact amount of paper towel you want, there are no restrictions on length.
  • Reduces cross contamination in the kitchen.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel with the highest of quality.  This automatic paper towel dispenser is built to last a lifetime.
  • Precision mechanics and engineering.
  • Uses any brand of household-style paper towels, readily available at local stores.
  • Saves valuable counter space by mounting under an existing cabinet, or can easily be designed into custom cabinetry.
  • Innovative, aesthetically appealing and technologically advanced.
  • The Point and Cut is A/C powered, not battery operated.  This is a high quality, stainless steel appliance, not a battery operated toy.
  • Under Cabinet Model dimensions are:
    12"D x 6.5"H x 17.5"W
    (Dispenser width WITHOUT mounting flanges is 17.5")
    (Width WITH mounting flanges is 20")
Thanks for the excellent communications and customer service.  We love the Point and Cut!
- Jerry & Judy V./ Davenport, WA
Saw your product on "I Want That" and I'm having my kitchen remodeled and told my contractor about your product and he thought it would be a great addition. Kathleen S./Modesto,CA
We LOVE our Point and Cut! Whether it be to wipe off the counter or our hands, paper towels come out neat and clean every time without having to touch anything. It has been the center of attention at many parties!
- Sarah J./Cincinnati, OH
If you are looking for a great kitchen remodeling idea, the
Point and Cut is an innovative kitchen cabinet accessory that will enhance any kitchen - large or small.

Originally designed for the kitchen, the Point and Cut is finding its way into home wet bars.  Your wet bar area can get messy.  What better way to clean up than by getting a paper towel with no hands required!

Include the Point and Cut "no-touch" paper towel dispenser into your home bar design and your wet bar will become the hit of your parties!

I just got home and the package was at my front door. I was delighted. This is actually for my husband who has had such a problem with paper towel holders. He couldn't believe it when I told him about yours. He is very excited, like a child. Thank you again. It has been a pleasure dealing with you.
Leigh A./Lake Havasu City, AZ

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Cool product!  I wondered when someone would come out with a hands free  dispenser for the home.  And unlike a lot of the plastic commercial ones I have used, this one works every time with NO delays!
- Dave S./Chicago, IL
What a cool product. I saw it on "I Want That"---and yes, I did want that as we are remodeling our kitchen. Looking forward to using it!
Angela G./Creve Couer, MO
I decided to try your "helpful hint" of using "ENDUST" to clean the stainless steel.  It works great!  Thank you.
- Eileen G./South Bend, IN

Great Product!  This is great for us "wheelchair" users (ADA compliant).  Thank you.
 - Michiko M./
Queen Creek, AZ


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